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What We Do

Sound Design Solutions (SDS) is an AUDIO DESIGN COMPANY that provides holistic audio design services for all forms of media, including original music content creation, sound effects design, and the final mix for any medium, including surround sound formats. We create audio solutions for Feature Films, TV Ad Jingles, Animation, Video Games, Television Series, Theatre, Short Films, Documentaries, Viral Videos and Live Events. We also create Original Songs and Background Score for all Media.

This company is the coming together of talented, like minded people who share a variety of skill sets that contribute to cutting edge media creations. Here work is not only work, but is fun, interactive, and a melting pot for good ideas that are forged in the fires of production to deliver sound, design solutions!


Sync Sound Recording on Location for Film
Dialogue Clean Ups
Track Laying and Sound Design
5.1 Premix Services
5.1 Final Mix Services


Original Song Composition
Original Loops
Original Background Score
Music Mixing

We also offer FINAL MIX SERVICES for other products:
We mix songs for other artists, produce and help them find their sound, arrange sessions musicians and studio recordings. We also mix all formats of film:
Feature Film
Short Films
Animated Content, Cartoons, Video Games

We are also partnered with SIA ACOUSTICS who provide ACOUSTIC DESIGN CONSULTANCY SERVICES and execute acoustic installations. These services include:

Studios - Television, Radio, Multimedia, Post Production, Broadcast, Recording
Performing Arts Facilities - Theaters, Auditoriums, Clubs, Concert Halls
Sports Facilities
Houses of Worship
Government Projects - Airports, Railway Stations, Bus Depots and Public Spaces

This company is the sister concern of the MEDIA PRODUCTION HOUSE called KABIR SINGH PRODUCTIONS

Mission Statement

At Sound Design Solutions, it is our aim to provide creative audio solutions, ensuring that clients receive the appropriate blend of creativity with production acumen.

We believe that creative talent, when nurtured and encouraged results in better ideation, better execution and finally in a better audio solution.

We aim to provide clients with a developed sense of audio aesthetic. Our strength lies not only in our engineering and production techniques, but also in the ability of our designers and composers to communicate effectively with their clients. Since sound is perceived as an intangible and abstract area of expertise, we help clients to bridge the gap and better understand how sound can be pushed to the next level in order to better their product through creative sound design.

Our talent ranges across various media formats, from lifelike audio design for feature film, to exaggerated fantasy in the genre of animation and video games, to quiet subtle mixes for fiction short films, we are able to adapt efficiently to the need of the product.

We bring to the workspace a huge sound bank of original effects, collected over 15 years of work, expertise on digital audio platforms like Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and Nuendo, a subtle mix sensibility and a keen sense of narrative, that enables us to best understand the communication need of your media, and then maximize the positive effect a sound design can have on enhancing the overall experience.

Our composers, sound designers, recording engineers, foley artists and mixing engineers are the stars of our company. Here they are encouraged to ideate, experiment and push the envelope of creativity while providing the client with options that best express what the client wants.

At SDS, its always a reliable product, always a sound, design solution!